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Mom and Me cookfest !!! June 2, 2010

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This event happened last May 22,2010 at the Center for the Culinary  Arts Eastwood. This event was sponsored by ,Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao’s online parenting show.  Moms and their kids were invited to an afternoon crash course in cooking…My kids were truly excited, most especially they get to help and cook.  Recipes included baked mac, pizza,sandwich,cupcakes which what the kids got really excited coz’ they got to decorate their very own cupcakes with icing and chocolate kisses and candy sprinkle as toppings.   For me I was really thankful that I was a part of this post mother’s day event.   This event has gave me and my 2 sons to bond in an activity we both like.   Apart from the cook fest, they got to wear their own toque and apron.   I could see their excitement and enthusiasm ,  I was so overwhelmed…To , CCA Kitchen and El Real Pasta and most especially to fellow Mom Tin-Tin Bersolal-Babao  ,a million thanks and more power!!!!!!   Hope you guys continue your endeavor to empower moms like us.  You truly inspire me and other moms like me !!!!


Sleep, why it’s so impt. to moms like me ? June 1, 2010

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When we were younger our moms  or elders would say” oh it’s siesta time “..time to sleep or else you won’t  grow( or babansot ka ?) Familiar with that dialogue? of course we are…When we were kids we would just ignore and just go along and play and play ..But now that we are older we, we tend to have less time to sleep. Less sleep because of the bigger responsibilities on our shoulders,like waking up early in the morning ,,prepare breakfast,, feed the kids ..get them ready for school and things like that..wash the laundry  etc.. to be continued…


Hello world!

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